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Who is Sarikiz?

Adım Sarıkız. Ben sarı saçlı bir kızım ve Ayvacığın ilçesindeki Çanakkale ilinde doğdum ve babamla annemle birlikte yaşıyordum. Annem çok genç yaşta vefat etti ve bu dünyadan ayrıldı. Aynı zamanda babam, annemi kaybettikten sonra çok huzursuz oldu ve bana dedi: "Biliyor musun, anneni çok seviyordum. Burada birlikte birçok anımız var ve onu unutmak benim için çok zor. Gel, buradan ayrılalım ve başka bir yere hayat kurmaya gidelim."

My name is Sarıkız. I am a blonde girl and I was born in Ayvacık, a district in Çanakkale province in Turkey, and I lived with my father and mother. My mother passed away at a very young age and departed from this world. At the same time, my father became very restless after losing my mother and he said to me, “You know, I loved your mother very much. We have many memories together here, and it’s very hard for me to forget her. Let’s leave this place and go somewhere else to start a new life.”

After losing my mother, my father and I went to a place near Kaz Mountains, close to the village of Güre, called Kavurmacılar village, and settled there. My father educated, raised, and nurtured me. We were shepherds and made a living that way. The villagers loved us, valued us, and showed us affection. Everyone would come to us for getting advices and asking for help.

Years passed, and I grew up while my father grew old. My father always had thoughts of pilgrimage and would always pray to God for the opportunity and chance to do so. One day, I told my father, “I have grown up now and can take care of myself, so go for a pilgrimage before it’s too late.” Nevertheless, my father entrusted me to our neighbors and went for the visit. During those times, pilgrimage could last for six months or even longer, and they were made on foot.

After my father left, some young men from the village came to me and proposed to me, but I rejected all of them and kept my distance. They slandered me, spread gossip about me, and troubled me, and I had difficult days until my father returned.

When my father came back, the villagers did not treat him well and did not even greet him. One of the neighbors who believed the rumors told my father that Sarıkız had become a prostitute. They pressured my father and told him that he should kill me in order to regain his honor. My father couldn’t bear this disgrace, he took me to Kaz Mountains and abandoned me there and forgot about my existence.

I was so sad and I prayed to god and asked for his help. I started a new life there with raising gooses and helping others. I met a lot of people who was seeking assistance for their journey. Soon people started talking about my kindness for helping travelers. Many people came to know me and I was famous for guiding the ones who are lost in the roads.

After my father heard about my reputation, he realized that he was wrong about me. He started a journey to find me. When he arrived across my goose farm, he was astonished when he saw me. My father greeted me with great love, and we both felt joyful to see each other again. At one point, my father asked for some water, so I fetched some from the seas and streams that flowed through the valleys nearby. In that moment, my father realized that I had become a saint. Soon after, my true nature was revealed, and as if on cue, clouds appeared in the sky. From that moment onwards, I vanished from the sight of people.

Yes! I fly with my soul and live eternally, spending every day and moment in the company of others for the sake of love, humanity, compassion, friendship, and assistance.
Love is crucial for a person’s existence; it must flow freely to bring life to life.

Turkey is a country with a rich culture. Being a country with a long and deep history, our culture is filled with numerous stories, proverbs, and legends. One of the significant legends that beautifully portrays the essence of human friendship and the impact of our social behavior is the legend of “Sarı Kız” (The Blonde Girl). It is the story of a girl who, with a heart full of love, affection, and friendship, managed to influence people in her time, and this influence continues to this day.

As the Sarıkız Çiçekçilik team, our aim is to continue on the path of love and human friendship and contribute to creating a better life and a cultured society by conveying positive emotions to others.

We will walk hand in hand on this journey, so be with us…
Sarıkız Çiçekçilik team

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